Rutherford won't release sexual harassment investigation findings

Dan Rutherford, a candidate in the race for Illinois governor, is denying charges from a former employee claiming sexual harassment.

February 14, 2014 7:35:12 AM PST
Dan Rutherford, a Republican candidate for governor, will not release the findings of an independent investigation into sexual harassment allegations.

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He's currently the Illinois Treasurer. A former employee has filed a lawsuit accusing Rutherford of sexual harassment and forcing him to do campaign work on state time.

Rutherford's attorney says the matter should only be discussed in court.

"I want the public to know these are instructions from his lawyer, 100 percent. If it was up to Mr. Rutherford, he'd be out there talking about it," said Peter Andjelkovich, Rutherford's attorney.

Rutherford denies the allegations. He's one of four candidates vying for the Republican nomination.