Steve Mandell trial: Chilling video of ex-cop, alleged accomplice talk about plot to murder, dismember businessman and his daughter

February 14, 2014 (CHICAGO)

Attorneys for Mandell acknowledge their client sounds horrible on the FBI surveillance tapes.

Now jurors have heard for themselves hours of audio and video recordings with Mandell.

The last evidence entered into trial was three hours of video shot at the alleged location where the murders would occur.

The crude conversation offers detailed descriptions of torture, murder and disposing of the body.

The FBI placed cameras at the office space on Devon Avenue in October, 2012.

The space was rented by Mandell, who is accused of plotting the murder of a business man.

Mandell's alleged accomplice, shown in the video with gray hair, is Gary Engel, according to prosecutors.

In the video taken two days before their arrests jurors heard them talking about keeping someone restrained.

    MANDELL: We're going to keep him here, secure to here. Okay?

    ENGEL: Yeah, well I, you know…

    MANDELL: In a wheelchair or chair.

Early the next morning, jurors see Engel bringing items in the room and moving things around.

Engel committed suicide after he was arrested.

And later on October 24th, the Engel recommends Mandell get protective eye wear.

    ENGEL: I'd pick yourself up something like this if I were you. Or those wrap-around glasses.

    MANDELL: Really?

    ENGEL: Yeah.

    MANDELL: Now that's the thing about the saw. Is that going to be flinging stuff all over the place?

In video on the day of their arrest, the day prosecutors allege Mandell and Engel were going to kidnap, torture, extort and kill a suburban business man, Mandell is seen experimenting with a wheelchair.

Jurors heard in the recordings the men discussing a fake arrest warrant and badges. They are also heard discussing names, locations and times in great detail.

At one point, Mandell stands by a large sink and counter that the men had discussed was sufficient to drain blood.

    MANDELL: Right there.

    ENGEL: Put his head on this end.

    MANDELL: Here.

FBI agent Sean Burke testified about the arrest of Mandell and Engel on October 25.

Agent Burke described a show of force with weapons and stun grenade.

"He advised us that he was a police officer," Burke testified about taking Mandell into custody. "He replied once or twice he was a police officer."

Mandell's attorneys will not have an opportunity to question the FBI agent.

The trial resumes Tuesday and could wrap up the end of next week.

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