Long winter? It's all downhill at Wilmot Mountain

February 18, 2014

Hard to believe, but winters like this can be beautiful. All you need is lots of snow and a nice hill like Wilmot Mountain in southern Wisconsin. A nice hill and a good attitude.

Wilmot was opened in 1938 by a man named Walter Stops. He invented skiing in the Midwest. Skiing-- and all that famous partying afterwards. His daughter Diane Stopa Reese still runs the place and in all her years, this is number one.

"It just depends on Mother Nature. This year it's every two or three days we get snow storms. A couple inches here a couple inches there and it makes for a great base. (Is this the best ever for you?) I think this is the best winter I can remember after going through the worst a couple of years ago," said Stopa Reese.

Wilmot is covered in many places with up to ten feet of snow. The skiers say it's heaven here, far away from that hellish cold and storms.

"For skiers it's a great winter, an excellent winter. For shoveling the snow out of my driveway it's making me a little bit weary," said joe Salemi, lifetime skier.

All ages, all abilities come here to learn the sport and then head for the real mountains. They learn to ride the tricky moguls, and even the bravest needs courage at the top of this run. But she does it anyway and yes, she makes it to the bottom where we hear more testimonials on how great this winter is.

Winter! Don't worry about it. It's all downhill from here.

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