Potholes cost drivers time, money

February 21, 2014 (CHICAGO)

"The potholes messed up the whole right side of my tire. So it's wiggling, makes noise," Louis Lacour said.

"Then he tries to go around the holes and if you try to go around you're going to get hit by another car," Crystal Torres said.

Chicago's Department of Transportation reports crews have fixed 170,000 potholes this year and are working seven days a week. But tire shops are hard at work too.

"People are lucky if they just ruin their tire. Typically, you see a tire and the wheel, which is the rim, ruined together," Dan DePaolis, Cassidy Tire and Service, said.

It's the third time Lapriese Myles has hit a pothole in two weeks. "The potholes are ridiculous. It's like little swimming pools, you can't tell how deep they are because the water has them filled up. But once you hit them. They're ridiculous," Myles said.

He drove from Milwaukee to see his 10-year-old daughter perform in a Black History program at a South Side school.

"So here I am, missing the program. Hopefully if they get me out of here fast enough maybe I can still catch some of it," Myles said.

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