Surprise baby: Ind. woman gives birth to 3rd child, didn't know she was pregnant

March 4, 2014 1:10:17 PM PST
An Indiana woman who went to the hospital for stomach pains left with a baby boy. Mandy Batchelor said there were no signs she was pregnant, but she gave birth to a healthy, full-term baby boy.

"We thought she had her appendix burst," Josh Cox said. He rushed Batchelor to the hospital on Friday when she started having sudden and severe stomach pain.

"We were in the E.R. and they thought maybe she had gallstones. She said, 'We'll take her back'. And then a few minutes later her water burst everywhere," Cox said. "We knew nothing. Showed no signs of it."

"I never showed," Mandy said. "I had weight gain but it was my normal winter time weight gain, so I was shocked."

Just before going to the hospital, Mandy had worked a full, 8-hour shift at her assembly line job. The healthy baby boy is her third child.

"General Lee is my Mom's grandpa and then Jacob was my dad's grandpa. So both my great grandpa's. I just put them together. Plus I have a General Lee car, so it just all worked out," Cox said.