Allan Kustok murder trial: Prosecution winds down

March 5, 2014 (BRIDGEVIEW, Ill.)

The trial was supposed to last two weeks, but is now into its third week and may possibly go into a fourth.

The prosecution's star witness returned to the witness stand Wednesday. Blood and reconstruction expert Rod Englert endured a lengthy cross-examination from Allan Kustok's attorney Laura Morask.

The defense is trying to poke holes in Englert's testimony where he concluded there is no evidence to support Kustock's wife of 34 years died of suicide or an accident.

Kustok told investigators months before he found Jeanie dead in bed with a single gunshot wound to her left cheek, he bought her a .357 caliber revolver as an anniversary present.

Prosecutors allege Kustok was motivated to kill his wife to escape financial problems and an unhappy marriage. The jury has already heard testimony from women who were having affairs with Kustok.

After conducting a crime scene recreation, Englert testified that blood spatter patterns and the path of the fatal bullet suggests Jeanie was shot by someone at close range. Pencil dot blood stains were found on a shirt, shorts and eyeglasses that investigators say belonged to Kustok.

Although, during testimony Wednesday, Englert admitted those items were never tested for Kustok's DNA, even though he suggested DNA testing in his report. Also during questioning, Englert was asked why he didn't have one of Jeanie Kustok's pillows scientifically tested for gunshot residue when prosecutors asked him to check out a questionable stain. Englert said testing wasn't needed because he recognized with his naked eye that the stain was blood.

After Englert is done, the prosecution is expected to rest. The defense will probably begin its case on Thursday. They will have their own blood spatter expert, and Kustok's daughter Sarah is also expected to testify.

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