Phony sites attack Kaifesh in 8th Congressional District

March 6, 2014 (CHICAGO)

"Everything is a façade. They've created imaginary images," Kaifesh said. "There's a Where's Larry website. All malicious in nature."

According to the phony site, which resembles Kaifesh's official campaign website, it was paid for by a group called Indian Americans for Freedom, which lists Goel's address.

Endorsed by Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain and former 8th District Congressman Joe Walsh, Goel said she has not control over the Indian Americans for Freedom organization.

"I cannot account on anybody else's actions," Goel said. "I cannot tell you, because I do not know where the PAC is."

However, Cook County Republican Chairman Aaron Del Mar said he's seen enough. He wants Goel to drop out of the race.

"I fell Ms. Goel needs to step out of the race," Del Mar said. "Her behavior regarding this campaign has been unbecoming of a GOP congressional candidate."

"One person's opinion means nothing to me," Goel said.

Kaifesh is trying to repair any damage the bogus social media sites may have caused to his campaign. The veteran, who's been deployed five times to Iraq and Afghanistan, said he's seem tougher times than a stateside political campaign.

"I've deployed five times since 9/11 to make sure we at home at the freedom of speech. I never intended the freedom of speech to be abused in such fashion," Kaifesh said.

One of the founders of the Indian Americans of Freedom said the organization is a social organization and not a political action committee. There is a complaint on file with the Federal Elections Commission regarding the group's activities during this campaign.

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