Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge seeks perfect NCAA guesses

March 17, 2014

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One of the wealthiest men in America is betting you can't beat the odds. Buffett is promising to hand over $1 billion to whoever picks a perfect March Madness bracket.

"It can definitely be done," Buffett said.

That perfect bracket would be historic, choosing the winner of 63 games in a row.

"Nobody knows the exact odds, of course if there's an upset all bets are off," Buffett said.

But number-crunching Professor Jeff Bergen showed the mind-boggling math formula.

"Giving us the number that we call 2 to the 63rd," he said.

That means if you're just guessing, the odds are about one in 9 quintillion! That's nine with 18 zeros! Even winning the Powerball is a lot easier - 1 in 175 million.

"So if you're just guessing, you basically have no chance," Bergen said.

"It's not impossible, believe me," Buffett said. "There are 63 games that are going to be played, and I would say a good number of those are pretty predictable."

Starting Monday, Quicken Loans will allow 15 million people to make their picks on Yahoo. The 20 most accurate brackets, get $100,000 each. And for those of you wondering, that billion-dollar giveaway won't make a dent in Buffett's bank account - where he's got $57 billion more.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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