CPD tows allegedly stolen cars from Southeast Side garage

April 1, 2014 (CHICAGO)

According to Chicago Police Director of News Affairs Adam Collins, police recovered about 19 stolen vehicles at the lot in the 3000-block of east 106th Street. There are dozens more cars, trucks and vehicle parts still inside the salvage yard.

Throughout the day, drivers have pulled in to ask police if their stolen cars might be there. Nicole Shearer woke up Friday morning to find her 1999 Grand Caravan missing from its parking spot in front of her South Side home.

"I live on a quiet block with a lot of older people, and they said they didn't hear anything," Shearer said.

Justin Beynon also came looking for his vehicle. He was t work when his 1999 conversion van was stolen in River West.

"There were so many newer cars around it. I think it was taken for scrap rather than aesthetic value," Beynon said.

Police had no immediate word for Shearer or Beynon on their vehicles as authorities continued to inventory vehicles at Adelman's Truck and Equipment Center.

Police were called to the salvage yard Monday after another recent theft victim saw his car on the lot. Investigators quickly discovered other stolen vehicles. Initially, the number of stolen vehicles was thought to be upwards of 70, but that count dropped significantly by Tuesday.

Adelman's rebuilds and recycles trucks and scraps old cars. Two years ago, the salvage yard got a city tax break to help expand its operations. Why and how stolen cars would end up on the lot remains unclear. Police do say "...at this time there is no evidence to suggest any exporting of stolen parts/vehicles."

Vincent Grady's old model Mercedes disappeared two months ago.

"I'd like to have it back," Grady said.

Edward Robinson's van was stolen- with his tools inside.

"I decide to start my own business and here it is a year later, and a vehicle in which I invested, along with other things, has just been taken," Robinson said.

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