Families of unsolved-murder victims call for justice

April 4, 2014 (CHICAGO)

Terrell Bosley's mother says she is usually filled with grief on the anniversary of his death. But on Friday, she says she woke up angry. She says she is angry that people who know who killed her son have failed to share information with police. So the family is now uniting with other victim's families to try to change that.

They stand near the spot in the church parking lot where 18-year-old Terrell Bosley was standing when he was shot and killed eight years ago today. He was unloading music equipment before rehearsal at the church. Authorities have yet to find the person who fired the shots.

"My son was a good child, he was doing all the right things, he was in college. He was at church, on church grounds," said Pamela Bosley, mother.

They come here every year. They say the pain of his death is still as fresh today as it was eight years ago. But friends and relatives gather not only to remember Terrell, but to call for justice.

Family members say police have had few leads since as those who may have information about who did it have kept it to themselves. Ending that code of silence is one of the primary objectives at Friday night's gathering.

"Let's send a message that you can't shoot and kill in our communities," said Father Michael Pfleger, St. Sabina Church.

Several others who have lost loved ones are here. They hold up pictures of the victims. There is a reward for information in most of the cases, but still no information has been forthcoming. Terrell Bosley's parents say they not only want to solve their son's murder, but they want to find answers for the other parents here too.

"And we won't stop until whoever did this gets turned in," said Maria Ramirez, mother.

"I want this part of my life to end, so I ask if anybody in the community knows anything, please, help me solve my son's case," said Pamela Bosley, mother.

Police did arrest a suspect shortly after Terrell Bosley's murder. He went to trial but was acquitted. The family says there has been little progress in the case since then. They are vowing they will not have to observe another anniversary without answers.

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