Wilmette woman accused in series of hit-and-runs

April 7, 2014 (EVANSTON, Ill.)

Police say it all started in Evanston near Ridge and Davis and ended in Skokie in the 4600 block of Main Street.

The victim was on his bike when he was hit by a car. Police say thankfully he was wearing a helmet. The driver, a 63-year-old woman from Wilmette, is facing multiple charges.

In less than 20 minutes, an out-of-control driver caused considerable damage Sunday morning.

Evanston police say the woman ran into two parked cars, a woman on a scooter and a man on a bicycle before being taken into custody in Skokie.

Police say they believe the woman was suffering from some kind of mental health condition.

"She did not appear to be acting normally with her erratic driving and then her being involved in multiple accidents and not stopping at the scene, and one of those accidents was involving a severe injury," said Commander Jay Parrott, Evanston Police.

Police say it all started when the woman was involved in a crash at Ridge and Davis.

From there, she took off, hitting a woman on a scooter, and then a man on a bicycle.

Police say that man, a 48-year-old from Chicago, rolled on to the car, hitting the windshield with his head.

He was brought to Saint Francis Hospital in critical condition and is now in serious condition.

"I think the injuries would have been possibly fatal if he were not wearing a helmet," Parrott said.

Police say they have not been able to interview him yet.

Recovering from minor injuries at the same hospital is the suspected out of control driver.

Preliminary tests show the woman did not have drugs or alcohol in her system.

Neighbors say they don't see her often and they believe she is caring for an elderly parent.

The woman is facing multiple traffic violations and misdemeanors, and police are looking into more serious charges of reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident.

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