Spring Tech Gadgets

April 23, 2014

Spring is a great time to refresh your gadgets and games, here are some of our top picks:

1. PS4's inFAMOUS Second Son

  • This is the new open-world action-adventure game from Sucker Punch Productions developed exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

  • At native 1080p and 30 frames per second Second Son features advanced 3D motion capture techniques for realistic cinematics that deliver stunning visuals and special effects, like smoke and neon powers, rain, reflections and environment –

  • The super-hero adventure lets you choose between using powers for good or evil, with the story changing in subtle ways depending on the selected path.

  • Second Son is rated "T" for Teen, and available now for purchase in stores and through the PlayStation Store as a digital download for $59.99

2. One free new mobile game - just launched last Thursday - Zynga Farmville 2 Country Escape

  • Brings one of the world's most loved social games to your mobile device – so that you can play anytime, anywhere and any way you want.

  • Set in an all new coastal location, FarmVille 2: Country Escape challenges you to restore your family farm by growing crops, nurturing animals, collecting rare treasures, crafting goods to sell to local merchants and trading with friends

  • For the first time in FarmVille history, you can play by yourself, in Anonymous Mode, completing quests, selling goods and expanding their farms at their own pace … or play with other people via game center, google play, or Facebook.

  • Cost: Free on App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play

3. If you're lucky, you could be playing it on one of spring's hottest smartphones, HTC One (M8).

  • High-quality metal design, Full HD1080p screen, stereo front facing speakers

  • Sixth Sense - intuitive smartphone that "gets" you, double tap to unlock, answer phone calls by raising to your ear, quick launch of camera

  • HTC Advantage : company will replace the screen if you break it for first six months

  • Cost" Pricing starts at $199 with a two year contract in the U.S. or MSRP of $649 with a no-contract plan

4. Another great gadget, a hybrid laptop/tablet as versatile as you.

Dell XPS 12:

  • Powered by the 4th generation Intel Core processor :

  • Faster performance than your old laptop

  • Epic battery life (9+ hours in some systems), and enhanced graphics that enable an incredible visual experience in even the thinnest devices.

  • Better visuals

  • Get a tablet and a laptop in one sweet device.

  • Cost: less than $1,000

5. Now you're ready to spring into action with all your gadgets - why not up your game with a connected basketball - 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball

  • Embedded inside here, sensors that measure speed, arc, force, all kinds of things and communicate it back via Bluetooth to your mobile device .

  • You can work on dribbling, shots, passes.

  • Learns the strengths and weaknesses of players at any level.

  • Adapts as the player improves, and provides basic, intermediate, and advanced level training to build better shooting and ball handling skills fast.

  • It's like having the best coaches in the world with you every day of the year. Cost $250.

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