Neighbor's dispute ends in deadly gunfire in Gresham near 84th, Carpenter

April 25, 2014 (CHICAGO)

This apparently began as an argument between the officer's wife and his next door neighbor. This, according to neighbors, was just the latest in a series of disputes between these two couples, but this one turned deadly.

Relatives arriving at the scene Friday night are overcome after learning of the death of 86 year old Joe Huff Jr. His wife Hazel was also shot and hospitalized after what witnesses say was an argument that got out of control with the next door neighbors.

"I don't think whatever happened should have escalated to where gunshots, where a life was actually taken," said Tyrone Handy.

Relatives say the elderly couple had a longstanding series of disputes with the next door neighbors and that's apparently how it stared Friday, with the wives arguing over the fence in the back yard.

A police union spokesman says Gladys told Joe to get his shotgun. After he allegedly fired at the neighbor's wife, the off-duty officer brought out his service revolver and opened fire, according to witnesses firing at least five shots.

"I don't care how old he is, you start shooting at somebody, a police officer is going to defend his life, he's also going to defend his wife," said Pat Camden, Fraternal Order of Police spokesman.

Neighbors and relatives say the dispute between neighbors goes back nearly a decade, at one point leading to physical confrontation, but never a gun before Friday.

According to a statement from Chicago Police, Hazel was throwing dirt and rocks at her neighbor. A relative who was at the hospital with her said that she is under police guard there and once she is released, she is expected to face charges.

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