Local bride gets apology from wedding crashers

April 25, 2014 (VALLEY FORGE, Pa.)

The faces of the crashers were first shown on Action News Thursday evening and posted to our Facebook page, generating tremendous buzz.

The bride says she now knows who the crashers are, but before the apology there were lots of questions.

120 relatives and friends attended the wedding of Krista Lamlin and Andrew Reilly on January 18 in Valley Forge. Not 122.

When the wedding video and photos started to be reviewed, questions started about the identity of the two apparent wedding crashers who enthusiastically joined in the fun.

It was the beaming bride who first spotted the bogus wedding guests.

"They were sitting at a table where it was just my cousins. I knew who I had sat at that table and knew they didn't belong," Krista said.

"They were dressed to go. They were ready for the wedding because they didn't look bad, they blended right in," Suzanne Lamlin, the mother of the bride, said.

The Reillys posted pictures of the wedding party crashers on the 6abc Facebook page on Thursday, wanting to know the identities of the man and woman.

Are they serial party crashers, or were they in the Radisson Casino that night and just decided to take advantage of a one shot deal?

The mystery couple was out there on the dance floor all night, never seen without free drinks in their hand as they partied down.

Eventually, the hotel's wedding coordinator escorted the couple out without incident.

In their apology to the bride, the crashers said they were guests at the resort and casino that night. They were looking for something to do and thought that they would join the party. They went on to say they had never done anything like this before.

The bride says she accepts their apology.

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