Batavia 'sexting' scandal at middle school investigated by police

April 30, 2014 (BATAVIA, Ill.)

Nude selfies of students have been circulating for four to six weeks, officials said. On Tuesday, a student told school staff about the sexting, which led to a joint investigation between the school district and Batavia Police Department.

"This isn't unique to Batavia. This is something that, unfortunately, sometimes middle school students make choices without thinking through the consequences of their actions," Batavia Public Schools Supt. Lisa Hichens said.

Six to seven students are believed to have taken the nude photos and about as many received the pictures, officials said. Investigators said they're talking to all the students involved, and they- and their parents- are cooperating.

"Right now, our focus is not so much on possible charges, but an education and trying to nip this in the bud, as you might say, so this doesn't go any further," Det. Kevin Bretz, Batavia Police Department said.

School officials said they hope the sexting scandal leads to a teachable moment for parents and students.

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