Barcito pivots menu to stay open during coronavirus pandemic

When owner Andrea Borgen Abdallah was forced to shut down her bar because of the coronavirus, she had to think of creative ways to service her community. Barcito is now a one-stop-shop offering a to-go menu, drinks and cocktails, as well as, flour, toilet paper, and beans among other dry goods.

"Andrea is an icon in the neighborhood. I guess we can all feel the strain that her and her team are going through, and we love them... plus we love her innovation," Downtown LA resident and Barcito regular, Mike McGalliard said.

Like a lot of small businesses in Downtown LA, Borgen Abdallah's priorities are helping her community, while keeping her staff employed.

"Creating a culture in which employees stick around, and develop relationships with our community, with our neighborhood... I just don't see how you stay in this business without that," Borgen Abdallah told ABC7.

Barcito is open for takeout, delivery, and dry goods purchasing with special business hours.


403 W. 12th St.
Downtown Los Angeles