5 reasons Bindi Irwin's a winner on and off the dance floor

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Bindi Irwin, the 17-year-old daughter of Steve Irwin, is pictured in a 2013 file photo.

Bindi Irwin is riding high after taking home the Mirror Ball Trophy on Dancing with the Stars Tuesday night, but there's much more to love about the bubbly Australian than her dancing skills.

The teen conservationist has been in the public eye all her life thanks to her dad Steve Irwin, who passed away in a tragic accident in 2006. She follows in her dad's footsteps in many ways, while forging her own path in others.

Here are five ways Bindi Irwin is stealing the show, on and off the dance floor.

She just wants to make her dad proud

Bindi paid tribute to her dad throughout the competition, but as she posted on Instagram before the finale, she tries to honor her in the way she lives, too.

"Dad, I know you walk beside me always and your strength lives within me," she wrote. "I love you."

She has an affinity for animals

The apple doesn't fall from the wildlife-loving tree. Bindi is extremely passionate about animals, and as a public face for the Australia Zoo, she's been known on occasion to make a Steve-style video telling viewers all about a beautiful creature while she gets up close and personal with it.

She has a sense of style all her own

On top of living out her dad's legacy, Bindi has her own interests, too, like fashion. She regularly posts about her fashion choices on her Instagram, and sometimes it even comes with a body positive message.

It's not just about the animals for her

Anyone who knows Bindi knows that she's a vocal advocate for animals, but did you know she's spoken out on other issues too, like overpopulation? It's clear that this 17-year-old has put plenty of thought into the important issues.

She's formed a bond with Derek

Dancing veteran Derek Hough has danced with his share of stars, but he was utterly charmed by Bindi Irwin's bubbly personality.

"So proud of this incredible Angel!" he wrote on Instagram early on in the competition. "She continuously reminds me of the magic in this life with her infectious genuine powerful energy.

And with how hard she worked, how could you not love her?

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