Bottle & Bottega Homewood struggles to stay running during the coronavirus pandemic

HOMEWOOD (WLS) -- Painting kits are a welcomed distractions for customers of Bottle & Bottega Homewood.

"It's allowing people some art therapy. They're bored they are they're stressed out," said Darcie Loudon with Bottle Bottega Homewood.

Each kit includes canvas, paint, an image, as well as step-by-step instructions.

It's a switch from what they usually do. They created kits because they can no longer host paint and sip parties as they had.

"We are trying cut bills where we can," Loudon said.

The Homewood couple invested everything into the franchise in 2016 after a layoff landed them on unemployment with three children.

The kits are helping, but likely won't be enough.

Rejected by a big bank in the first round of federal payroll protection loans,the Loudons are applying through a small bank in hopes of getting help.

"We've gone through this before, you just kind of hold you're breath and hope you land on your feet," said Greg Loudon.

"I'm very stressed out I try not to look too far in the future," Darcie Loudon said. "The longer it goes on, we won't survive."

The Loudons said they have weathered tough economic times before, and they will do it again, but realize that may mean reinventing themselves once again.
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