Police warn of burglars targeting Northwest Side businesses

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago police are warning Logan Square businesses about a series of burglaries.

"Someone shattered our front door with a crowbar," said Maya Diaz, who works at Underground Nail Art salon.

Thieves smash through the glass of the Northwest Side nail salon, taking off with the register full of cash.

"There was glass all over. The impact was so big that it got so far back," Diaz said. "They took the cash register which maybe had $500."

The burglary happened Saturday night at the newly opened nail salon in the 900 block of W. Armitage near the Wicker Park neighborhood.

Diaz said the police found the empty register in the street.

"They found the cash register on Walton so it did not take them very long to open it and take out what was in it," she said.

Hundreds of dollars of their hard earned money is now gone.

"It took a really long process to get to where we are today, so for someone to just take it like it was nothing, it did hurt us a lot," Diaz said.

Underground is one of nearly a half dozen recent businesses burglarized on the city's Northwest Side.

In just the past few weeks three other local businesses were hit in a five block stretch of W. Armitage.

According to the reports the criminals used the same method in each case. They smashed the glass, took off with the entire register and emptied it later.

Now Underground Salon is working with police to identify the thieves in this case.

"[We're] hoping to see if there is anyone with cameras in the area that caught on to something," Diaz said.
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