Damaging storms, tornadoes hit Central Plains

ByJade Hernandez via WLS logo
Saturday, May 9, 2015
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For people living in Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado spring has brought a series of damaging storms.

For people living in Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado, spring has brought a series of damaging storms with wicked winds, flooding rains and tornadoes.

Oklahoma neighbors saw hail come down in all different sizes overnight Friday, from tennis balls to softballs.

The dangerous weather forced the University of Oklahoma in Norman to cancel its commencement program.

Winds as strong as 70 mph were recorded at the airport. West of Norman, lightning may have sparked a fire at an oil site, leaving emergency personnel busy overnight.

In Colorado, the hail was thick enough to need a plow to get through it.

And there were flash floods and tornado watches in four states.

Rising water derailed trains in Texas. Altogether, 17 cars went off the tracks, injuring four crew members.

"I could feel my ears popping just from the pressure as the tornado passed by us," said Chris Mance, a Texas resident. "It was just incredible how powerful the wind was."

That tornado was an EF-1 with 100 mph winds.

The National Weather Service says more severe storms are expected throughout the weekend.