U of I professor reschedules midterm for Cubs fan

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WLS) -- When University of Illinois junior Ben Larson scored tickets to the Cubs' wildcard game in Pittsburgh, there was only one thing standing in his way: a midterm.

So, Larson sent an email to his professor with the hope that he might allow him to reschedule "because, well, it's the Cubs and they're in the playoffs."

"This is pretty insane, I never thought it would be like this," Larson told ABC7 via Facetime from campus. "So I sorta thought, why not? He seems down to earth."

Professor Dave wrote back: "If it were any other team, I would hesitate. But, the universe gives Cubs fans only so many postseason games. They must be savored."

"When I got the response, I thought it was really super cool," Larson said.

Larson said he plans to meet his dad in Pittsburgh for Wednesday night's game.

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