Chicago food delivery drivers targeted in Northwest Side robberies

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Kenny Ristick is ready to deliver pizzas on the Northwest Side, but he's also concerned after Chicago police warned a band of robbers is targeting food delivery drivers just like him.

"It's not my money, so if anyone was to approach me, I would hand over my money instantly," Ristick said. "I don't really have a stake in it. I would rather give them the money."

Chicago Police report the robbers have struck four times. Police say the scam works like this - the robbers order food, wait for the delivery driver, and then rob them, taking both the food and money.

"I was already pretty cautious," said Ristick, an employee at Dante's Pizzeria in Avondale. "I guess I'll be more cautious in the future."

Chicago Police are now alerting businesses too. Two robberies happened on Monday, February 11th. One robbery was reported on the 3700-block of West Eddy, and the second one on the 2900-block of North Allen.

On Monday, March 18th, the robbers struck again. Police report one robbery was on the 3200-block of North Hamlin, and again on the 2900-block of North Allen.

The robbers struck twice on North Allen Avenue, which is in the Avondale neighborhood where Maria Hernandez-Torres is raising her children.

"We've been pretty vigilant. We have a Facebook page. We talk to each other about incidents to be careful around here," Hernandez-Torres said. "So it's new to me, which is scary."

Back at Dante's Pizzeria, dinner rush hour is about to begin. Ristick now knows all four robberies happened between 7 and 10 p.m., which is the dinner rush hour for delivery drivers.

As he got ready to leave the restaurant, safety is his topic priority.

"Makes me nervous going to an order that seems sketchy. There's really no way to tell, especially if you're ordering on Grub Hub or anything like that," Ristick said. "It's not worth getting shot over pizza."

Chicago Police have released vague descriptions of the suspects and report three men may be involved in the crimes.
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