Mayor solidifies progressive agenda with transition team recommendations, school board shakeup

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Saturday, July 8, 2023
Brandon Johnson's transition committee hands in recommendations
A critical report that will serve as a blueprint for Mayor Brandon Johnson's administration is now in his hands.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A critical report that will serve as a blueprint for Mayor Brandon Johnson's administration is now in his hands.

Mayor Johnson received a detailed list of recommendations from his transition committee laying out a progressive agenda for the city.

Johnson got elected preaching progressive policy changes for Chicago. The recommendations from his transition team and his school board appointees indicate he is following through on those plans.

"This blueprint represents a platform that I ran on but it's also a representation of how we will govern," he said and a meeting with his 400-member transition team.

The recommendations were made on 11 key issues, including transportation, housing, environmental justice, public safety, and education.

"We have to get it right for no one else, but for young people and this platform speaks explicitly about how we invest in young people and we get to defend our young people and always have their backs," Johnson said.

Johnson, a former Chicago Public Schools teacher and Chicago Teachers Union organizer, is also shaking up the Board of Education, replacing all but one of the members. His appointees include three new members with ties to organizations supported by the CTU.

Former CPS Vice President and Former Interim CEO Jesse Ruiz said that won't be a problem if transparency is a priority.

"They're gonna bring a fresh and new perspective to some of the ongoing issues that are confronting CPS, hopefully fresh energy, that and younger perspectives, more diverse perspectives," Ruiz said.

The chair of the city council's education committee said the new board will usher in a new era.

WATCH: BGA analyzes Johnson transition team recommendations

The Better Government Association is analyzing the Johnson transition team recommendations.

"We have an array of people who will actually listen to the people who we're paid to protect, that are young," said Jianan Shi, appointed CPS board president.

The new board members made a commitment to transparency and community engagement, and making board meetings more accessible which means some could be held at night.