Lori Lighfoot picks up endorsements in week before Chicago mayoral election

CHICAGO (WLS) -- In six days Chicago voters must decide between 14 mayoral candidates. Whether it's TV ads, phone banking or free media, candidates not only have the challenge of making sure their own supporters vote, but also trying to tap into undecided voters. Some are hoping endorsements and hot button issues will sway people their way.

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Lori Lightfoot picked up a couple endorsements from former progressive alderman Dick Simpson and former Cook County Clerk David Orr, who also served as mayor for a week after Mayor Harold Washington died. Lightfoot believes their support shows her campaign has the momentum.

"It's really going to come down to turnout, we've heard and seen polls that are favorable toward our candidacy, particularly along the lakefront wards," she said.

Lightfoot said her focus will be on undecided voters, specifically those who are sick of machine politics.

While Lightfoot tries to distance herself from what she calls the Burke four - Toni Preckwinkle, Bill Daley, Suzanna Mendoza and Gery Chico - she made an unusual move and teamed up with Mendoza yesterday to slam Preckwinkle for a campaign rally with female supporters called "Be Fair to Toni."

"Toni Preckwinkle only tells the truth when she is caught," Lightfoot said. "We thought it was an opportunity to refocus voters at this moment when people are making up their minds what fairness actually looks like."

Without the money to hit the airwaves with multiple commercials, Lightfoot took advantage of free media Wednesday, holding two press conferences. Earlier, she stood with members of the arts community, calling for an increase in the hotel tax to support grants for artists.

In the meantime, candidate Bob Fioretti tried to get noticed by resurrecting the parking meter deal. He wants the city to file another lawsuit to void the deal.

"There are solid constitutional issues surrounding the sale of the parking meters that have not been decided by a court of law," Fioretti said.
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