Group of CPS parents protest outside CTU headquarters over possible high school reopening delay

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A small group of Chicago Public Schools parents rallied outside the Chicago Teachers Union headquarters Tuesday, demanding the union not delay the reopening of high school in person learning.

High school teachers are supposed to return to in person learning Monday, but the union has been pushing back.

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"We're not going in tomorrow," said CTU president Jesse Sharkey. "We're not going into the buildings. We'll still teach, but we're not going into the buildings to do it, unless we have a reopening agreement."

The union and the district agreed on April 19 as a return date weeks ago, but they've recently been negotiating on scheduling and how to navigate schools with more students set to return.

"As parents, we are disheartened, seeing the pain that this is causing our young adults, who have had the hopes of returning to in person learning threatened again," the parents' group said in the statement announcing their rally.
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