Young mom shot, killed in Little Village; family holds fundraiser to pay for funeral

Jezebell Perez, 22, leaves behind two daughters

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Sunday, August 28, 2022
Family mourns young mom shot, killed in Little Village
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Jezebell Perez, a 22-year-old mother of two daughters, was shot and killed near 28th Street and Homan in Chicago's Little Village neighborhood.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Family and friends are trying to raise money to help pay for the funeral of a young mother who was shot and killed in Little Village earlier this week.

Jezebell Perez, 22, was a mother of two daughters, and relatives said she never missed a family gathering. But on Saturday night, her family came together without her to raise funds for her funeral.

"It's very unbelievable," said her cousin-in-law, Alex Dominguez. "She was a very caring person, so it's hard to accept the fact that she's no longer here."

A memorial now marks where Perez was shot and killed Wednesday night. Her family said she was outside with her older sister by the alley on 28th Street near Homan in Little Village when police said someone shot Perez several times in the torso. Her sister was also hit, but survived.

"She was so young," Dominguez said. "She was a mom. It's hard!"

Perez's family was left scrambling for a proper burial for the young mother.

"She set up parties," Dominguez said. "She did so many things just to make small income."

Now, they're doing what she used to do to raise money for her funeral while planning to raise her two daughters, who will face a life without the woman who gave them life.

"They also have a great dad," Dominguez said. "Their dad is going to be a good help to keep her memory alive with them, so I just hope the whole family can come together and keep her memory alive for them."

Chicago police said no one is in custody.