As prices skyrocket, here's how to keep heating costs lower this winter

CHICAGO (WLS) -- As natural gas prices skyrocket, the I-Team has helpful energy tips to keep heating costs lower this winter.

Winter heating prices will be at their highest level since the 2008 through 2009 season, according to the Citizens Utility Board.

The board has tips for consumers to save you money this winter.

Contact your utility company about financial assistance or payment arrangements. For customers struggling to afford their bills, the utility company may be able to offer relief.

Practice energy efficiency. Steps like dropping your thermostat just 10 degrees for at least eight hours a day could save you almost 10% on your bill over the course of a year.

Lastly, be careful before switching to an alternative supplier. Sales representatives from some of them may use the high gas prices to rope you into what could be a bad deal, the board said. Read the fine print before changing suppliers.
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