ABC7 Roz Varon answers most asked Traffic Troubleshooters; potholes, the Kennedy and roadside help

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Thursday, April 4, 2024
Traffic Trouble Shooter: Most asked questions
In her last Traffic Trouble Shooter report before retirement, Roz Varon answers the most asked questions.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- In her last Traffic Troublehsooter before retirement, Roz Varon answers the most asked questions about Chicago traffic.

After 35 years of reporting for the morning show, Roz will retire on Friday.

How to file a claim with IDOT, CDOT for pothole repair

Document everything - take pictures of your vehicle, your surroundings, etc.

IDOT will work with motorists who believe their vehicles were damaged on roadways under state jurisdiction and maintenance. The procedure to file a claim with IDOT can be found at:

You can also call 847.705.4048, or contact IDOT's Central Bureau of Claims at 217.782.6263.

To report issues on a state road or expressway the public should call 800.452.4368.

For CDOT and the city of Chicago call 3-1-1 to report a pothole

To file a claim, click here.

How to get free roadside assistance

Call *999 to ask for help on the expressway or tollways and it costs nothing.

When will the construction on the Kennedy Expressway finish?

The reversible express lanes are closed for construction until late fall. Crews will repair bridge structures and update the gates that allow those lanes to be reversible.

The plan is to complete the entire project by 2025.

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