Cicero residents demand leaders invest in flood prevention after 2023 catastrophic summer flooding

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Tuesday, March 26, 2024
Cicero residents demand flood prevention investments
Angry residents demanded leaders to invest in preventing more Cicero flooding after the catastrophic 2023 summer flooding.

CICERO,Ill. (WLS) -- After severe flooding impacted suburban Cicero over the summer, residents called on town officials to increase investments to address future flooding.

The community made their demands as Cicero prepared to approval its budget during a meeting on Tuesday.

"I had four feet of water in," resident Ankur Singh said. "That's where the frustration is coming from."

Singh and other residents said town officials haven't announced any major green infrastructure projects.

They want Cicero officials to use some of the millions of dollars in Tax Increment Financing, known as TIF, or taxpayer funded incentives to invest in green alleys, native plants, and green space.

City officials said they've allocated as much of the town's unrestricted funds as they can to address the issue. So far, there's 100k earmarked.

Residents were upset and questioned the process after the say the meeting was scheduled at a time when most people work.

Despite the concerns voiced, it's expected the budget will pass.