Lighthouse public art display focuses on inclusion

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A first of its kind public art exhibit is now on display. The Chicago Lighthouse has unveiled "Lighthouse on the Magnificent Mile" with six-foot tall lighthouse sculptures lining the iconic strip.

Beacons for access and inclusion, that is what each and every lighthouse represents. You can now take a self-guided tour of the 50-piece display that is making us Chicago Proud.

Each lighthouse on display is just as unique as the artists behind them.

One-hundred-and-three artists from around the country and here at home teamed up to make this exhibit possible.

"This large scale public art display is taking our message to a vast audience of visitors to this avenue. There are about 40,000 on average per day," said Janet Szlyk, President and CEO of Chicago Lighthouse.

The life-size sculptures represent a message of inclusion with the main focus being on jobs. National statistics show 70-percent of Americans with disabilities are unemployed.

"This citywide event is also encouraging businesses to hire people with disabilities and be the beneficiaries of great talent," Szlyk said.

"We are partnering with the Lighthouse to give voice to what is possible for people with disabilities when they are included and important to in their workplace and surrounding communities," said Huber Financial Advisers CEO David Huber.

This display also gives adults and children a chance to showcase all they can accomplish instead of what they cannot.

"These uniquely decorated lighthouses are proof that having a disability is not a road block to being a contributing member of our society," said Lighthouse Board Chair Gary Rich.

"This event means to me that you can use your disability to make awareness to others that you can use disability as an ability. Don't let your low vision define you," said Jeff Hanson, one of the Lighthouse artists.

The display is up until August 11.

There is an app that you can download that gives descriptions and guides you through this walking tour. For more information visit:
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