Chicago coronavirus protest decries lack of COVID-19 resources for black community

CHICAGO -- A collaborative effort called Black Leaders Building Together, comprised of both Chicago residents and community activists, aired grievances about what they identified as a continuing lack of resources for black and brown people in the city during the coronavirus pandemic.

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According to local health department officials, about 30 percent of all positive COVID-19 cases in Chicago are African Americans.

"Invest in our black and brown healthcare needs with the same passion and the same seriousness that you look at black and brown block parties," said Rev. Robert Jones, Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church.

Despite several drive-in COVID-19 testing sites on the city's South and West sides, Rev. Robin Hood called for more mobile testing of the elderly.

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"We are going to organize our communities, he said. "We are going to organize youth. We are going to organize churches and our pastors."

The group said they want to meet with Mayor Lori Lightfoot. They met with her administration in April.

As the virus continues to claim lives, the group said their concerns about disparities in healthcare, the community and education are even more important than ever.