Reduce COVID-19 pandemic-related chronic pain using expert tips

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Working from home, sitting all day, spending too much time on your phone and binge-watching TV from your couch are all taking their toll on our bodies.

Some doctors said this is creating more health issues at an alarming rate.

Sitting all day in a desk chair that is not ergonomically designed can result in lower back pain, wrist strain, neck and shoulder tension, and sore hips. A common issue seen from the COVID-19 pandemic is "text neck."
Dr. Jimmy Lopez, chiropractor at Universal Wellness Source, shared several ways you can reduce lower back and neck pain. He suggested using stretches that helps to bring the shoulder back as well as relieve stress felt on the upper back and neck.

People should keep certain tips in mind while working from home.

"They just have to stay hydrated and keep their posture right. The biggest thing is to make sure we're sitting at 90 degrees, and we have a 90 degree flat form between our arm, where we're using the keyboard and our legs and the floor," Dr. Lopez said.+
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