Prepare students return to classrooms as schools reopen, expert says

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Teachers, school administrators, students and families have many challenges ahead of them as they enter the first full school year "post"-COVID-19-pandemic.

Some issues include social 're-entry', safety and social distancing protocols. According to Gloria McDaniel-Hall, EdD, an assistant professor in the Educational Leadership Program at National Louis University, there are a number of things parents can be doing at home over the next four weeks to help prepare their children for regaining their educational foothold. Her tips cover the psychological, physical and academic aspects of returning to the classroom, including psychological, physical and education-focused.

Parents should prepare children for the ways school will be different, ask your children how they are feeling about returning to school, and talk about it.

Practice safety habits such as coughing and sneezing into your elbow versus your hand, and get back into the routines of school NOW. Set times for waking up, eating, reading, going to bed. Establish a "study time," free of distractions like TV.
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