Chicago FOP president releases new video urging officers to resist city vaccine mandate

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Fraternal Order of Police Union President John Catanzara urged Chicago Police officers to refuse to post their vaccine status on the city's data portal in a video message on Wednesday.

Despite Catanzara's appeal, city data shows more police officers are reporting their status.

The number of officers who complied with the requirement is now 76 percent, up from 65 percent in mid-October, according to the Chicago Tribune.

A spokesperson for Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Catanzara's video is "yet another desperate attempt by FOP leadership to encourage Chicago police officers to disobey a direct and lawful order from their chain of command."

On Monday, a judge blocked the city from enforcing a requirement that all officers be vaccinated by the end of the year until the issue is addressed in arbitration.
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