Texas family reunites with stolen dog 5 years later

Dog found over 600 miles away in Borger, Texas

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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Baytown family reunites with their stolen dog 5 years later
Emotions were running high as a dog a Baytown family loves so much finally made it back to its pack five years later.

BAYTOWN, Texas -- A Texas family waited with a welcome sign in-hand on Sunday afternoon as a plane made a landing from the Texas panhandle with their dog stolen five years ago.

ABC Houston affiliate KTRK first reported on the family whose dog, named Sheba, was stolen from their front yard in 2018. The incident was caught on surveillance video.

This week, the Malmstrom family received an unexpected message: Their dog was found more than 600 miles away, in Borger, by an animal control officer.

It's a day this family thought would never arrive.

Emotions were running high as a dog they love so much finally made it back to its pack five years later.

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"Five years later, she still remembers her name and German commands," said Stephanie Malmstrom, the dog's owner.

The happy reunion comes with questions though: Where has Sheba been? The Malmstroms say they're beginning to piece the puzzle together as people have started to reach out to them about Sheba.

"Whoever stole her dumped her off in the Texan panhandle within two weeks, and this family adopted her, and had her for four and a half years," said Malmstrom.

After that, there are still holes in Sheba's adventure. They know she arrived at another home where a teenager cared for her, then she escaped, and the animal control officer found her.

What's important now is she's back home, exactly where she's supposed to be after five years of adventure through Texas.