Dog service, Washdog, offers job opportunities for adults with autism

CHICAGO (WLS) -- It's a dog lovers dream!

A dog washing service on Chicago's West Side is giving adults with autism a chance at a job they love.

Washdog is one of many micro -businesses operated by Urban Autism Solutions, a nonprofit provides vocational opportunities for young adults with autism and related disabilities.

"In general it's responsibility, it's a structured work task and it just learning security of entering someone's home and how to present yourself in that environment," Urban Autism Solutions Program Manager, Christina Hovatter, said. "Then being out in the community and learning safety in addition to navigating the community."

Washdog provides a paid employment opportunity and helps them socialize with the community and gain valuable work skills.

Washdog Walker and Washer, Shed Butts said the job is a dream come true.

"This is my favorite job and I like doing it," Shed said. "Washing the dogs off, playing with them, going to their house dropping them off picking them up and stuff."

Shed said he wants to learn all the skills he can, in hopes of opening a dog business of his own.

"I love pets, I have a dog at home," Shed said, "I'd open it closer to where I'm at."

To learn more about Urban Autism Solutions and Washdog visit their website:
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