Man can't stop laughing when he sees his dog's new 'lion cut'

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Thursday, April 16, 2015
Shuteru TravelPhotography/YouTube

One dog's new haircut had his owner laughing like a hyena.

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When Stains' owner caught sight of his new 'do, he couldn't stop laughing. At first it's unclear what's so funny, but when Stains walks past the camera, we can see it: He looks just like a lion.

Stains' owner said that his cut is an annual tradition around this time of year because his fur can make the summer months unbearably hot. This year, though, they wanted to mix it up. The owner asked for a lion cut because he wanted to see what Stains would look like as a lion.

The groomer obliged, and the owner's hysterical laughter seems to prove he got exactly what he wanted.

Judging from the dog's expression, though, we're not so sure how he feels about looking like Simba.

Would you give your dog a weird cut just to be funny? Let us know in the comments.