Parents, students worry about not being able to return to school in the fall

NORTHBROOK, Ill. (WLS) -- Colette O'Regan is a mother of seven. Leslie Herbst has eight children. Both Northbrook mothers have had their fair share of E-Learning.

They are hoping it's a thing of the past.

"I think my kids had a very difficult time learning because a lot of it was just review," O'Regan said.

"I see in my own children is a relaxation, they are not working as hard as they work in school 8 hours a day," Herbst said.

While parents and their kids are anxious to return to school in the fall, there is a chance it won't happen.

In an email sent to parents, Glenbrook High Schools District 225, which includes Glenbrook North & South, presented a tentative learning plan for the 2020-21 school year.

"In the current version of this plan, all students will begin E-Learning August 19th," the email said.

"We need it to be much meatier going forward, really something kids can sink their teeth into," Herbst said.

"I was torn. I want the kids to be back in school, but I also understand there is a safety thing to make sure kids are being safe," said Eddie Shabaz, a South High School Parent.

Kevin O'Regan will be a Glenbrook North Senior next school year.

He said he's worried how e-learning will affect the college application process, especially as a golf recruit.

Kevin said he fears his season will end if e-learning begins in the fall.

"We had a really good year last year, finishing second in state. My self and my teammates, we want to get back another win state title for the school," he said.

School District 225 says while it has a plan to begin e-learning, it says no final decisions have been made as it waits for more guidance. Governor Pritzker has not made any announcements about the next school year.
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