Englewood children celebrate Earth Day 2022 with hands-on activities

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Friday, April 22, 2022
Englewood children celebrate Earth Day
Children in Englewood's Building Blocks Learning Academy got their hands dirty celebrating Earth Day all week.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Building Blocks Learning Academy in Englewood is holding its annual, hands-on Earth Day celebration for its students this week.

Whether picking up trash in a vacant lot or planting fruits and vegetables, the pre-schoolers get their hands dirty through fun and educational activities.

"Earth Day is about the world being very clean and very safe and making the world a better place," said 6-year-old Ava Morris.

"We picked up trash, and yesterday we took a nature walk," said 6-year-old Peoria Barber.

The trash was brought back to the classroom and reused to create other tings.

"It really warms my heart that these little children are learning something I didn't learn as a child," said teacher Charlene Guy.

Owner Michelle Redd said her goal is for these young kids to take what they have learned and practice it every day at home.

"It's really bottom up versus top down so if our children can tell their mom and uncles aunts who live in this community to keep our community clean it really make a big difference," she said.

Allizon Brooks says his own young son reminds him all the time about keeping the environment clean.

"Some of my adult lessons have come from my child with separating the plastics and glass in the house," he said.

And the lessons live beyond the week. Thursday the kids planted cucumbers, corn, tomatoes, carrots and watermelon. Once grown, they plan to eat it.

"It's a way to go home to Mom and Dad and say we want something healthy, we want something green and healthy on our plates," Redd said.

Redd hopes the lessons learned about a clean environment clean and healthy eating will be the building blocks to a safe and stronger community.