Surveillance video released of masked suspect in Rogers Park shootings

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago police released surveillance video of a masked gunman suspected of killing two people at random in Rogers Park.

Police hope the video of the suspect, captured from four different angles, will help someone recognize him.

WATCH: Surveillance video of Rogers Park murder suspect
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Chicago police have released surveillance video of a suspect in two murders in the Rogers Park neighborhood.

Residents are on high alert and police are patrolling around the clock in the hopes of bringing this deadly crime spree to an end.

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Chicago police offered sobering details at an evening meeting at the Loyola Park gymnasium, which was packed with hundreds of people.

"The shooter lives within this neighborhood or in a very close proximity," said First Deputy Superintendent Anthony Riccio.

Police said they believe the video they released was taken moments after Douglass Watts, 73, was murdered on a sidewalk.

"One of the distinctive things about him is his walk and his run, where his feet point out pretty significantly," Riccio said.

In the video the masked man is seen running down an alley. His unique gait is clearly visible as he dodges a puddle and disappears. Police hope the evening meeting will help solve the crime.

"They're already in a tough position with everything going on in the news that they have to kind of have a win to kind of start believing in them again," said Adam Thornburg, friend of second victim Eliyahu Moscowitz.

Watts was shot in the head Sunday at 10 a.m. while walking his dogs in the 1400-block of West Sherwin Avenue.

Monday night Moscowitz, 24, was shot in the head and left for dead on the pedestrian path along Loyola Park.

Moscowitz was laid to rest Wednesday.

"It was gut-wrenching seeing the family and, I mean, it was a Jewish service and they had to do it rather quick. I think he has a sister in Cambodia, so it's not even possible they were all there," said Steve Loskutov, friend.

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A masked gunman is suspected in the apparently random shooting of two men in two days in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood.

For the regulars at Loyola Park, Wednesday felt different. A group of dog owners purposefully stuck together.

"I was very relieved to see the usual group with the dogs out here," said Virginia Strain, who lives near Loyola Park. "We were all on edge because of course one of the shootings happened in the morning in broad daylight."

"So then to hear that it had happened so soon after, before we even knew that it was the same gun, it felt like no one could even catch their breath about it," said Wren Romero, who lives near Loyola Park.

Police said ballistics confirmed the two men were killed by the same gun. They believe at this time they are looking for only one suspect.

CPD also announced that Area North detectives would be joined by a saturation team to keep watch across Rogers Park.

"I felt a little more pacified because of that and I was just happy that the city was paying attention to that," Romero said.

But still, residents say it's the seemingly random nature of the murders that puts them most on edge.

"It's terrifying that there is no obvious explanation for these," Strain said. "That there is no obvious target. You can't take any action. There's no group that we can protect and there's no particular way that we can protect ourselves."
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