Testimony continues in Emonte Morgan murder trial, accused of killing CPD Officer Ella French

Friday, March 1, 2024
Testimony continues in trial for killing of CPD Officer Ella French
Testimony continued for a third day Thursday for the Emonte Morgan murder trial, accused in the 2021 killing of CPD Officer Ella French.

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Jurors were back in the courtroom for a third day Thursday to listen to an emotional testimony from the night Chicago police Officer Ella French was killed.

Emonte Morgan is on trial for murder, accused of shooting and killing Officer French during a traffic stop in 2021.

The first witness to take the stand on Thursday was a sergeant who found Emonte Morgan injured on a sidewalk and called the Chicago Fire Department for an ambulance.

Her partner, Officer Carlos Yañez took the stand on Wednesday, he was also hurt in that shooting.

Jurors heard from a Chicago Police evidence technician who gathered and cataloged evidence that night in August 2021. Among the evidence was a jammed gun, two live rounds and an empty cartridge found in the car where Morgan had been a passenger.

Jurors also saw police body camera video from an officer who responded to the call of 10-1, or "officer needs assistance," and took Yañez to the hospital in his car. The jerky video showed the ride to the hospital and the frantic moments when they arrived at UChicago Hospital.

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Yañez along with French's mother, and fellow Chicago police officers walked into the courthouse together Thursday morning to show of support.

Yañez took the stand Wednesday, he showed the jury scars on his head, above his eye and shoulder. He also showed a lump on his neck, which he said is from a bullet that was never removed.

He described how he heard gunshots, and struggled to breathe, and how he was completely paralyzed.

Emonte Morgan's brother, Eric Morgan, was convicted and sentenced for his role in this deadly shooting. The attorneys for Emonte Morgan contend it's not clear who fired the shots that hit the officers.

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Morgan's grandmother said it was an emotional day for her too, and wished none of this ever happened.

Morgan's mother, Evalena Flores, was also in the courtroom on Thursday but she left early and said she may not return. The family declined to comment Thursday.

The trial will continue Friday.