Rihanna bursts into Jimmy Kimmel's bedroom while he sleeps for April Fool's joke

How would you feel about a private concert from Rihanna at your house?

That's exactly what the singer did for Jimmy Kimmel as an April Fool's present. Of course, he was asleep and had no idea she would be showing up.

Warning: Contains adult language.

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Jimmy's wife, who was in on the joke, was more than happy to let in Rihanna and her crew as Jimmy slept soundly in their bedroom. Jimmy is quite the heavy sleeper, he explained later.

They burst in with strobe lights and blasted Rihanna's new song as the singer screamed and threw money on him. Jimmy rolled over and watched in a daze.

He stays thoroughly confused as the group makes as much commotion as possible.

"I got my mouth piece in," he finally says, taking it out. Then he asks what many of us would have thought: "What the [expletive] is going on?"

Jimmy's wife got a kick out of it, and Jimmy was a good sport. He got out of bed long enough to admit that she got him good.

"Thanks for not killing us," Rihanna said on the way out.

Rihanna explained Jimmy's late night concert was actually nice on the grand scale of her pranks. Her band has it much worse, she explained.

"I poured the dirtiest mixture of milk and pineapple juice, eggs -- whatever I could think of -- bubble gum, in the bottom of their shoes. I line the crotch of their pants with gum. I put raw fish in their suitcase."

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How did you celebrate April Fool's? Where you the prankster or the prank-ee? Let us know in the comments!
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