People have hilarious reactions when told their coffee has not been tampered with

Messing with someone's coffee early in the morning is a pretty mean April Fool's joke. Making them believe you messed with it and letting their imaginations do the rest might be even meaner.

Warning: Contains adult language

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Jimmy Kimmel Live asked viewers to prank loved ones by convincing them -- on April Fool's Day -- that they had tampered with their coffee, simply by claiming that they had not touched it. Some of the reactions were pretty extreme.

"What did you do to it?" One woman cries in horror. "Oh my god, it's April first! What'd you do to it?"

She speculates the salt and sugar might have been switched out, but her imagination is tame compared to some of the others.

One woman thinks her loved one spiked her drink with a laxative, while another woman thinks it somehow contains urine.

There was a lot of panic and a lot of anger, but rest easy knowing that no coffee was harmed in the making of this prank.

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