survey reveals top five most romantic gestures

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Taking care of a significant other when they're sick may not be an appealing task, but a majority of single people think it's the most romantic gesture you can make, according to's Singles in America survey. conducted the survey in honor of National Romance Awareness Month, celebrated in August. The results showed that both women and men saw traditional gestures, like talking about a significant other to friends and family, as a sign of love and commitment. Founder of Smart Dating Academy Bela Gandhi stopped by to share the top five most romantic gestures:

1. Caring for your significant other when they're sick (87%)
2. Attending a family event as a couple (83%)
3. Mentioning your significant other to your friends (82%)
4. Vacationing together (79%)
5. Mentioning your significant other to your parents (76%)

For couples in long term relationships, Gandhi said the top results were planning a surprise date to a partner's favorite spot, sneaking notes into their bag, surprising them with small gifts, and even cleaning the house.

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