Museum of Science and Industry takes flight in new exhibit

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A new exhibit at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry is all about learning to fly.

The Boeing Corporation built their first airplane 100 years ago in 1916 and are still flying high. The museum's new exhibit, called "Above and Beyond," which opened Tuesday morning and runs through Jan. 8, 2017, begins with a one-quarter scale model of Boeing's first plane, a two-seater seaplane. From there, visitors travel through time and space to the modern era of flying, to the moon, and back and even beyond.

"It's about what is next. When you think about aerospace you think about 100 years. We've gone from the horse and buggy, to manned flight, to exploration of the solar system and going up to the moon. Now we're talking about the next generation. What can we inspire in your youth?" said John Blazey, vice president of Boeing Global Corporate.

First you have to learn how to fly. In the exhibit you actually fly like a bird because you are a bird. Just flap your arms and the computer puts you in the air with a flock of geese.

There's no stairway to heaven but there is an elevator to outer space. It's a ride that makes the Willis Tower look like a bungalow, but hang in there and don't push the down button. If you have a mind for design, there's also the chance to create your own plane and fly it.

"You design your fighter plane on the touch screen and then you can test your design when you're finished and put it up on the big screen and fly it through the course, land. How well you do on the course depends on how well you designed it," said Chaz Bickers of the MSI.

Off you go into the wild blue yonder, flying high in your own fighter jet. Thank heavens it's just pretend.

"Above and Beyond" is included in the museum admission price. Fly on down.
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