Phi Gamma Delta Mizzou fraternity faces 2 investigations after freshman hospitalized

MU fraternity activities suspended

Sunday, October 24, 2021
MU's Phi Gamma Delta faces 2 investigations
The Phi Gamma Delta fraternity at Missouri University is facing two investigations after a freshman was hospitalized with alcohol poisoning.

COLUMBIA, Mo. -- Phi Gamma Delta is facing two investigations -- one with the Missouri University Police Department for criminal charges and the other with the University of Missouri's accountability office for conduct violations after a freshman was hospitalized with alcohol poisoning.

University officials and fraternity student leaders are reviewing current policies.

"We decided in tandem to put a halt on all fraternity activity, so that we can review the practices and the policies that are in place to ensure safety for all of those activities," said MU spokesperson Christian Basi.

On Thursday, students walked past the chapter house, where a student-led protest took place the night before. Students protested the fraternity's actions from Wednesday and other violations from earlier in the year.

Phi Gamma Delta chapters at other college campuses are facing similar investigations and violations.

"The fact that this has happened like multiple times and not just here, it's just there's been multiple marches, protests, it's just ridiculous," MU student Lauren Draney said. "Something needs to change and the things that they're doing to try and change it is not working."

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This isn't the first violation Phi Gamma Delta has with the university. But it is the first time university officials have taken action against all MU fraternities following one incident.

In August, the fraternity had a violation involving alcohol distribution. In April, the fraternity had a hazing violation.

University officials say safety remains a priority.

"Whenever we have a situation where we feel that a student's health and well-being is threatened, we're going to take action immediately, and we've done that here," Basi said. "In this case we've halted all fraternity activities, we want to take a deeper look into the processes that are set up."

A spokesperson for MU said Phi Gamma Delta's national headquarters is looking into Wednesday's incident.

There are no updates yet on the freshman's current condition.