Bullet strikes fire truck responding to South Side crash

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Firefighters who responded to a car crash on Chicago's South Side early Thursday morning wound up having to take cover after someone shot at their fire truck.

The crew was responded around 2:30 a.m. to a two-car crash at East 79th Street and South Yates Boulevard in Chicago's South Shore neighborhood and an argument between two people involved in the crash broke out in front of the fire truck.

A person involved in the crash allegedly called a man to come to the scene. Police said that man grabbed a handgun from his car and started firing shots into a crowd.

A bullet struck the windshield of Fire Engine 126 and at least one firefighter was cut by flying glass.

"He was firing shots towards the white vehicle, where the fire truck is. So I'm assuming his target was in the white Buick," said Lamon Reccord, a witness.

Police chased the gunman on foot and ultimately recovered the weapon used in the shooting.

"After he got done shooting, runs into Subway, runs out of Subway, runs through the alley, throws the gun behind McDonald's and the police recovered the gun and got the guy in custody," Reccord said.

The injured firefighter is expected to be OK. No one else was hurt.

"I just want it to end in our community, you know? I want us to unite," said Troy, a witness who did not give his last name.

A Chicago Fire Department spokesperson said firefighters respond to dangerous situations and this was just part of the job.

Charges are pending against the shooter.
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