Family says new video allegedly shows former Fiske Elementary principal lie after boy forced out of school

CHICAGO (WLS) -- New body camera video released from a Chicago police officer shows the former Fiske Elementary School principal allegedly lying about what led to a young boy being forced out of the school without a coat.

In the video, Former Fiske Principal Cynthia Miller can be heard speaking with the 9-year-old boy's grandfather and officers about the March 26 incident.

Miller can be heard telling the boy's grandfather he threatened her and decided to leave the building on his own, saying "He left the building, he made the choice ... he pulled his fist back at me like he was going to hit me because he wanted to leave this office and run around the building."

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Miller then continues to berate and accuse the boy of wrongdoing saying, "I told him if you can't calm yourself down, I will have to call police, he said 'I don't want to be here' and bust through us and went out the door."

Dan Herbert, who represents the boy's mother in a lawsuit against City of Chicago, the Board of Education and three Fiske employees, said the new video contradicts surveillance video of the incident that was released last month from inside of the school.

"It shows the principal and security staff completely lied. It showed they battered somebody for no legal justifiable reason," Herbert said.

In that video, it appears to show a security guard pushing a boy toward a door, while the school's principal and a school guidance counselor look on.

The lawsuit alleges the boy was left out in the cold by himself without a coat for about a half an hour.

The lawsuit also alleges the boy experienced harassment and bullying at Fiske until he was transferred to a charter school in April.

According to the lawsuit the incident began when the boy and another student got into an argument that turned physical. Both boys were sent to the school counselor but claims the 9-year old was targeted when the security guard was told to drag him outside.

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The lawsuit then states a school employee was told to call 911 to say the boy walked out of the school and was missing.

Chicago Public Schools released this statement that read:
"Every CPS student deserves access to a safe and welcoming school environment, and the district takes seriously all allegations of student harm. These allegations are deeply disturbing, and we are fully committed to holding accountable any adult whose actions could have endangered a student."

Miller announced her retirement in a letter last month. She did not mention the incident in her announcement letter.
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