Lake Station City Hall collecting food, supplies for flooding victims

LAKE STATION, Ind. (WLS) -- Cleanup is just getting underway in northwest Indiana after severe flooding, but it may be a while before things will get back to normal.

The floodwaters are receding in many areas near Lake Station, but the residents are still being adversely affected. Some residents have even had their power shut off.

Lori Raymond is just one of many Lake Station residents who are cleaning up after the big flood.

"The water receded. It's a mess in there, and we are still trying to get some of our furniture out, the stove, the refrigerator and all that," Raymond said.

City officials are collecting and distributing donated goods and cleaning supplies at Lake Station City Hall.

"This is the mayor's conference room. We're using it to store food and cleaning supplies, which we're in more need of cleaning supplies," relief organizer Adrian Bera said.

There has been a steady stream of donated products coming in the last few days.

"Fastenal likes to help when it comes to natural disasters, whether it's flood, fire, anything like that. We do what we can, so I e-mailed my boss, who sent a couple e-mails. This is just from three different stores," volunteer Amanda Samuels said.

People aren't the only ones affected by the flood. Pamela Wynn keeps four ponies and five horses on her property.

"This place is completely still underwater and the passes are underwater. I'm hoping to get help with my horses, even if it's just to help keep them where they're at," Wynn said.

Her horses are boarded at a stable, but she can't afford to keep them there past this Friday. She said she plans to set up a GoFundMe page called "Help Bring the Horses Home" to help offset her expenses.
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