Relatives say Chicago landlord tried multiple times to remove tenant now charged with her murder

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Thursday, October 27, 2022
Relatives say landlord had tried to evict tenant accused of her murder
Relatives of Chicago landlord Frances Walker said she had tried multiple times to remove the tenant now charged in her murder.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- As relatives of Frances Walker prepare to lay her to rest, they tell ABC7 Eyewitness News say she had tried to remove the tenant accused of her murder many times.

Services for Walker will be private her family's request. Her wake was held Wednesday, and funeral services will be held Thursday and Saturday.

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Walker herself was the organist for so many funerals services over the years.

"She played the church organ at funerals. She was so kind, she gave everyone a chance," said her niece Cory Walker.

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A tow truck driver said he feared for his life as he drove Sandra Kolalou, who is charged with killing landlord Frances Walker, found in a freezer.

Walker was killed earlier this month, and parts of her dismembered remains were found in her freezer. One of her tenants, Sandra Kolalou, has been charged with her murder.

A Cook County prosecutor said during the suspect's bond hearing Walker had put an eviction notice on the suspect's door the day before the murder.

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Relatives said Walker called police many times to have the tenant removed.

"The whole situation is hard for me," said her brother Jerome Walker. "It's easy for me to talk about her but it's hard for me to deal with the situation."

The city's Office of Emergency Management and Communication rejected ABC7's Freedom of Information Request to clarify how many times police were called to Walkers house citing that information would impact the police investigation. ABC7 has learned Chicago police responded to the Walker's home five times in October.

"They have rights as a tenant, but if you fear for your safety or have issues, the landlord should have rights not only as a landlord but as cohabiter of the domain," Cory Walker said.

"The law is forever seeking a balance between tenants' rights and landlords' rights," said ABC7 Legal Analyst Gil Soffer. "It didn't cross the line sufficiently, so the police couldn't take her into custody and take her away. That is the bigger problem here, even more so than however long she would be permitted under the law to stay in that apartment."

"I feel like their hands were tied or maybe there was something that could have been done differently," said Cory Walker. "It's changed the trajectory of our lives. It's leaving such a hole."

While the criminal case moves toward, those who loved Walker will celebrate her in the coming days.